Different Types Of CBD

Different Types Of CBD

Types of CBD
There is a confusing variety of CBD products on the market. 

Please note that CBD and other terms around us are not highly regulated, and some manufacturers use these terms interchangeably:

CBD isolate

CBD-isolate products contain only CBD from the cannabis plant. No other compounds, such as THC, are available.

Some people want to make sure that the CBD product they use does not contain THC. Only CBD products can help a person measure the effectiveness of CBD itself without interfering with other substances and compounds.

However, as mentioned earlier, some research sources TrustTrusted show that CBD containing other compounds can actually enhance its effects.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

Comprehensive CBD products contain other compounds and cannabinoids found in the plant, such as CBC, CBN, or terpenes, such as myrcene, limonene, or pinene.

Broad-spectrum CBD usually does not contain THC. However, some products will contain a lot of tracking.

Full-Spectrum CBD

Complete spectrum products contain the same chemicals as the wide range of products. However, they usually also contain low levels of THC, usually less than a reliable source of 0.3% as required by state law. This amount of THC is not enough to create a 'high' effect that many people associate with marijuana.

Because saturated CBD contains other compounds, including THC, the aforementioned 'entourage effect' may enhance its effects.

Another factor to consider is the type of product. Although the results are often the same, some people may prefer some form of CBD over another, depending on how they plan to use it at any time.

Oils & Tinctures

CBD oil and tinctures are usually better than glycerin, oil, or alcohol base. People can take these extracts on their own, usually with a dropper or add them to food and drink themselves.

Various strengths and flavors of CBD oils and lubricants are available.

Learn more about some of the top CBD oils available here.


CBD Edibles contain the above but in the form of food and often gummies. CBD edibles are available as beverages and food items, such as gummies, teas, and chocolates.

Gummies are a typical CBC edible. They come in a variety of flavors and flavors.


For quick action, vaporizers can deliver CBD emissions by inhalation. However, breathing poses an additional risk, including lung damage. Bilingual discharge placed under the tongue can provide immediate action provided by vaporizers without the risk of lung injury associated with an eruption.

Learn more about vaping CBD here.

Cream and lotion

CBD also comes in the form of topical oils, creams and lotions. Some people may feel the effects immediately, while others do not see the effects for hours.

It may be best to try a few different types to identify what is providing the right help.

Currently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate CBD products, so it is up to the consumer to choose quality products. To ensure the best quality output, check that the product has COA, and that a reliable laboratory has performed third-party testing like many of Enter The Dragon CBD's products and brand partners which contain lab reports

Many online retailers will provide third-party lab results and COAs to their customers.

Many large health food stores also carry a range of CBD products. Reputable companies like these should also provide third-party lab results.

Avoid products from unscrupulous manufacturers by providing information or using an obscure label in their packaging.
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